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How Can You Quickly Learn DRUPAL?

Absolute Computer Design can help you learn to use and develop DRUPAL websites. We can train you at all levels of DRUPAL development from DRUPAL Startup and Creation including Module and Theme training to Custom Content Types. For beginners or move experienced web designers we can offer DRUPAL support and Training. We educate our clients to use Google Keyword Tools to maximize their search results, and include keyword analysis and Google Tracking in our education curriculum. We also offer Google Cloud setup support and training. Some topics of study we cover are the following.

1. Using Google Keyword Tool to maximize your search results.
2. Exercises in Keyword Organization and Site Map Building.
3. Picking the Ideal Domain Names for your Business.
4. Setting up DRUPAL websites. Hosting Setup, DRUPAL Setup.
5. Setting up Google Cloud for Shared Email and Shared Colander, and Shared Docs.
6. Modules – Cover Base Module Setup and Activation.
7. User Permissions - Cover Roles, Permissions, Users, Site Policy.
8. Site Setup – Google Analytics, Home Page, Input Format, Site Information.
9. Contact Form – Setting up site Contact From and placing base contact code.
10. Theme Design – Using a GUI Design learn to quickly make themes and with ease.
11. Blocks – Learn about DRUPAL Blocks to control your website look.
12. Menus - Learn about Menus Primary and Navigation and Secondary Menus.
13. Page Setup - Learn Page Creation including Title, Menus, Body, Meta, URL Path.
14. Image Galleries – Learn to use graphic Album modules.
15. Forms – Lean to use DRUPAL forms.
16. Blogs – Learn to use DRUPAL blogs.
17. Custom Content Types – Learn to use DRUPAL custom Content Types.

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Call our Web Project Developer Thomas DeVito at 970-379-4094, or the office line at 970-928-7477. We have a proven track record of successful DRUPAL and HTML web sites that make a solid return on your investment. From simple projects for complex custom programming, we can produce any project at any budget.