Dynamic Content Programming

What is Dynamic Content Programming?

In dynamic content management systems, the end user has pre defined database that they enter content into easily, and the website changes and grows as more dynamic data is entered. Dynamic data applications could be fishing reports, real estate portfolios, Art for sale, Project portfolios for your business, almost any application. By using a content creation tool in Drupal, we can define a database element that has all the required information to place dynamically into your website. With Dynamic content, you can add this custom defined content in an easy manner, and you don’t have to pay a web designer to keep your content fresh and post constant changes to your site.

What kind of elements can you put in Dynamic Content programming?

We have the capability to place Video, Audio, Pictures, YouTube, as well as any custom element we define. Elements can be check boxes, drop down lists, and all elements are easily entered into a form. Elements can be product from your store.

How much does it cost to develop Dynamic Content Management?

The skills required to build such systems requires custom PHP programming to build the product to completion. Basic Database Entry systems and Display systems require $2000 over the normal hard coded programming costs. More complex systems cost more because of the required development time. For example a fishing report is not too complex; we are just recording fishing reports, adding pictures, YouTube, and video. But a more complex system like Swimming Club cost much more to produce. We have pool definition, coaches, swimmers, swimming workouts, complex reports. A project like that gets very expensive because it is very complex on entry and display and reporting.

Why do I want Dynamic Content Programming?

If you want to be successful on searching well on the interment, one of the most important things you can do is provide fresh new content on your website. The problem is programming your website even in Drupal which is easy takes a lot of effort to get done. If you are paying your web programmer to do so, he or she is charging you for services to place new content on your site for you. Over time these service fees add up, with dynamic content you should be able to keep your site fresh yourself be filling in the predefined form. Any who is trying to post new content on their site, and they may have 4 sites, knows that it takes a lot of time to keep them coded. With Dynamic content you can enter you fishing report on one site in a simple web form, and all your websites will update with the new dynamic data. This takes some custom PHP programming, but we can deliver that solution to you saving you time in programming and upkeep.

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