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We provide DRUPAL website development with face to face meeting in Western Colorado.

We provide Hosting services based in Colorado for all web platforms.

We provide Website Development from Startups, to Upgrades.

We provide Search Engine Optimizations with proven page one results in all markets.

We provide Graphic upgrades and Graphic Services for all your project needs.

We Build Shopping Carts, On Line Stores, Custom Databases for your business.

We work with all budgets from Small to large client projects.

We work by the Hour, Flat Rate by Project, or Long Term Development and Support.


DRUPAL Web Designer based in Glenwood Springs and Golden Colorado.  DRUPAL Web projects, Training, Migrate your old HTML to DRUPAL for a flat rate or by the hour.  Upgrade your older DRUPAL to the latest version.  Get training for your staff and yourself to produce DRUPAL websites.  Develop custom DRUPAL Themes and custom Modules for your look and business operations.  Has your website productions become time consuming, and expensive to maintain and update? DRUPAL will use Shared Database Types called Custom Content Types to share data and web pages to many domains.  Add one property type to your database, and it will distribute the custom data to all your websites.  Mark a property as sold and all your sites will show the updated data.  DRUPAL provides easy Archive and Search ability for all your custom business data types.  DRUPAL is proven superior in SEO optimization compared to WORDPRESS, HTML, and custom PHP sites.  Call Thomas to discuss your DRUPAL project at (970) 928-7477.


We provide full service Web site hosting, web site development, and web site traffic building and monitoring. Our services are geared to get you a return on your investment, and we do this by building websites that get you to GOOGLE page one ranked websites. We provide a complete package including new logo work, business cards, website ads, keyword analysis, website monitoring tools, and progress reports. Our goal is to produce a complete package and develop a long-term business relationship of trust and support. We offer BASIC DOMAIN NAME HOSTING and Web Site Setup with unlimited EMAIL. We buy your domain name and charge you $35 to register it on the internet. With this domain we can setup your company email and manage it, and post a simple website at no additional charge. For the email system we use GMAIL cloud which gives your company unlimited company mail with shared calendar and shared docs. Total cost per year is $150 for the first domain, and $100 for any additional names you choose to buy, $75 for domain forwarding to mirror site. The Website we provide is a simple 1 Page Site html biz card site. We recommended you consider a full web site design and purchase our $500 DRUPAL startup. For a flat rate charge of $500 we will turn you domain into a DRUPAL website, and give you GOOGLE Web Cloud a free service provided by google for the cloud shared email, docs, and calendar with outlook and google apps phone compatable. The drupal site will have a home page, a basic theme design, but no graphics work is budgeted. It is a starting point to getting your website done. At this point we have spent $185+$500 to turn on the DRUPAL site and setup the GMAIL cloud. Now we are ready to drop in content and make menus add google search tags, setup a shopping cart for point of sale. The websites we design are made specifically to search well in google. We do hourly work at $75 Hour or $55 Hour if you PRE PAY 10 hour blocks of time, Must be Pre Paid to get the discount price. You can expect to do 40 Hours of work to get a decent site, but you can also spend 120 hours of work if you are producing 100 plus pages of content. It depends on how big the site gets. Our drupal websites have the advantage of giving the end user the power to make changes and add content on their own with just a little training and support.

$500 is a lot of money, what is my money buying?

1. Research and Purchase Your Domain Name, Organize keywords and purchase domain.

2. Locate the DNS setting on the domain Registering Company and set it to our server location.

3. Create a Website on our servers using the Hosting Control Panel.

4. Create a Shell Login to upload the web content.

5. Create a Database for DRUPAL to use.

6. Login to the Server Using the Shell login.

7. Transfer the Core and all modules and themes from WWW.DRUPAL.ORG [We Use A CUSTOM DRUPAL IMAGE HERE TO LOAD A BASE DRUPAL PACKAGE]

8. Run the DRUPAL website for the first time creating a master login, master email, and assigning the Database to the website.

9. We have a base DRUPAL package that our organization has been customizing over the last year to include all desired modules for a complete web production. This is a big time saver because we do not have to import the modules one by one; they are included in the startup. Your modules included are Shopping Cart, Store, Google Analytics, CCK, View, Images, Video, YOUTUBE, Meta Tag Modules, Steaming Video Tools SWF, Date & Calendar, Shipping, Sitemap, Web forms, and more.

10. Setup base security and logins. [I must because of spammers set the site to not allow any outside users to create a login, unless I will be policing the content. ] [ I will then Create a group and set permissions]

11. MODULES. Here we will enable the modules we plan to use.

12. I will enable the following modules. [CCK (all), CORE (contact, path), METATAGS (nodewords & basic), CAPTCHA, Statistics (Google Analytics), Webform, XML Sitemap and Store]

13. Setup and Test Google Analytic Account Make Account and Configure Drupal Module.

14. Created a footer message, a home Page, set up default home page.

15. Created a custom THEME to start from using Artisteer-generated theme

16. Uploaded the Theme to each website /web/themes directory.

17. Create Base Menu system.

18. Create Google Cloud if required.


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