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Search Engine Optimization or SEO has many different techniques you can use all help the overall success of your web production. No one thing is the key to success but many aspects which I will try to cover will help in your overall search engine placement.

Google Ranking Value and Tool

One very coveted measurement of your success is the Google Ranking. Your site when first started has a Google rank of zero out of ten. You can view your google rank on your site by loading the Google Toolbar to you browser, and then adding the Google Rank tool to your toolbar under options. Google will rank sites 4 times per year, and you cannot submit you site to be ranked. Most sites have no ranking or a ranking of zero. Any rank other then zero is very good. Best site I have developed to date has a ranking of 3 that site gets 15,000 viewers per month. Its difficult and coveted when you get a google rank you have succeeded in your project.

Google Keyword Tool

Since we are building websites that are Google page one sites, we need to focus on the keywords people are typing into the Google search engine to get the best results. First and most important is to determine the keywords for your business. The keywords for you business can be found using the Google Keyword Tool, a free tool provided by google to analyze the statistics they have collected from what people are typing in for search words into google. Using this tool you can come up with a sorted list of keywords that people are typing in Google for your business. Since google now is 90% of the search engine market, we can be confident there data is most of what we need. To locate the tool, search for “Google Keyword Tool” and follow the links. This Google tool is so important, that we will always fall back on the results to determine the domain names we should purchase, The menus we should ad, and the content we should write about to be successful on getting to page one of Google.

Keywords in the Domain Name

Now that you have your keyword names, try to see if you can find a DOT COM or DOT NET site with the keywords you are looking for. One very successful technique is to use the Region and the Keyword in you domain name. For example GlenwoodSpringsSpa.Net, AspenTreeDoctor.Com, AspenPetSitting.Com all have the region like Aspen, Colorado, Glenwood Springs, and the service keyword like MAC REPAIR, DOG WALKER. Google will favor sites with the search words in the domain name.

Organizing the Keyword data into groups

One thing I do to try to get organized when developing a web site is to organize the google keyword data into groups. For example look at how I organize the keywords for the customer in the spa, hair, and tanning waxing company. I take the words and break them down into groups.

Words about hair services

Salon, hair, hair styler, extensions, hair cuts, haircut salon, hair salon, highlights, hair color, short hair, haircuts, curly hair styles
hair stylist, short hair styles, hair extensions, weave, short haircuts, hair dye, long hair styles, wedding hair, hair growth, stylist, hair treatment
medium hair styles, updos, haircut styles for women, short hair cuts, black hair styles, hair cutting salons, hair shampoo, hair highlights

Words about SPA services

spa, makeover, day spa, spa resort, beauty salon, salon spa

Words about Skin Care

acne, skin care, cosmetology, acne treatment, facials, acne scars, facial hair, dry skin, wrinkles, wrinkle cream, skin cream, skin care products, skin acne, facial skin
skin treatment, body lotion, get rid of acne, facial cleanser, skin products, eye cream, facelift

Words about waxing, tanning, and nails

tanning, waxing, nails, nail salon, eyebrows, tanning salons ,pedicure, Brazilian wax.

Now that I have these lists organize I know what words to use when writing the content to maximize my searchable. Also I know what menus to create because I know what people are searching for. Again falling back on the keyword results is something that is done at every level of development.

Edit your title tags for best results

Each web page you have has a TITLE area and Google puts a lot of weight in this text string. It does not matter if your site is HTML or DRUPAL both have a title tag area, and putting the a phrase using your hot keywords and regions is very effective in SEO optimization.

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